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No More Excuses 👌

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Excuses are everywhere. We hear it from our loved ones, our boss, mechanic, employees, co-workers and now our youth. Excuses come in so many forms, such as "I can't go back to school", "I can't work more than one job", "I can't move there", "I don't have any money for that or to do this". "I can't help you out right now", "your car isn't ready", "what had happened was" and the list goes on and on. 😒 2019 is here,🎉so let's limit/remove our excuses. This is not a new year's resolution, this is a promise to go after what we want and choose to do better for ourselves, our children, our families and our community. 👌 First, find your passion. What makes you happy and what can you do over and over again without it boring you? What gives you life? Write that thing down. It can be 1 thing or 20 things. We all have gifts and passions and you are never limited to just 1 thing.

Second, be a mentor to your children or another child. Introduce them to your skills by committing at least 1-2 hours per month. I encourage you to evaluate if you are mentally, physcially or emotionally ready to mentor another person's child. If not, its ok. You can always share your skills in another way. You can share your skills by being a guest on our blog, you can setup webinars, you can teach a class, etc. Life has no limits on how creative you can be. Explore your creativity, you can do it!

Third, if you've been working on your job for more than 5 years with no recognition and no raise, or you're just ready to go, start applying for at least 10 jobs a week, now. Make sure before you apply, you know how much the job pays🤑🤑🤑. If it's not the salary or hourly rate you want, don't apply. Look into a headhunter to help you find a job; its free. They get paid from the companies they refer you to. If a headhunter asks you for payment, don't work with them. Check with your local Department of Employment Services and get a Workforce Development Specialist, they can assist you with information regarding state and federal programs to help you find employment. If you want to start a business, start one! I suggest you keep at least a part time job or keep your full time job while you start or work your business, because boy oh boy people are finicky! Include your children in your business endeavors. Ask them their ideas and get their opinion on what they think you should do next. If you talk to your kids now about business, they will be running multiple businesses later. 💲💲💲

Fourth, get up and work out.🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️ I'm not a gym woman but I love to work out in my stretch pants and t-shirt or my yoga pants and t-shirt at home. I love to exercise my arms, legs, neck etc. Get up and get your body moving. I tell you, it will make you feel so much better. I use workout DVD's or when the weather is nicer, I go out for speed walks, not just regular walking. I honestly think slow walks don't do anything but when you speed it up, it takes away stress and anxiety.

Finally - get yourself an accountability partner, a real one. Someone who knows your plans, goals and deadlines. Someone who will call to make sure you're ok and if you need assistance with your plans, goals or ideas. Just make sure you do the same in return.

So ladies and gentleman, no more excuses. Let's get it done! Write the vision, make it plain and follow it.✍✍ If you have questions, or would like to be a guest blogger in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Life Skills, Soft Skills, Employment, Financial Literacy etc., contact us https://www.fullpotentialdc.org/contact-us.

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