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WELCOME AND THANK YOU for your interest in our Hip Hop Beatz, Song, Poetry, Dance and Mime Competition. YOU CAN REGISTER AT

Be sure to review the rules indicated below before registering. 

This competition was created to provide an outlet for our youth. We want our youth to know it's ok to be their selves, live their best life and NOT be ashamed of their creativity. 

This opportunity is open to all amateur performers anywhere in the world in the areas of Hip Hop, Song, Poetry, Dance and Mime. Deadline is September 30, 2019 at 5PM EST. Slots are limited, register TODAY. 

The age Range for Hip Hop Beatz, Song, Poetry, Dance and Mime Competition is 5-18. 

1st Place wins $500.00, a 1st Place certificate and bragging rights. 

2nd Place wins $250.00, a 2nd Place certificate and bragging rights. 

3rd Place wins $125.00, a 3rd Place certificate and bragging rights. 

Winners will be announced, December 2019. 

Steps to Register:


1.Fill out the below application. If you are a group please send us an email to to register your group.

2. Submit your 3 minute or less video along with a headshot of the participant to

3. Submit payment via paypal for individuals ($15.00) or groups ($15.00 per


Full Potential is a 501c3 non-profit organization, please consider sponsoring a participant of your choice or sponsoring a participant by donating $15.00. Send donations to PO. Box 73212 Washington, DC 20056-3212. 

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Rules can change at anytime and all participants will be notified immediately.

  2. All applicants must complete and submit an application, submit a photo, 3 minute or less video and pay the application fee to be accepted into the competition. (Checks and or money orders can be mailed to Full Potential at PO Box 73212 Washington, DC 20056-3212. Returned checks will be subject to a return check fee. For all electronic payments, credit or debit cards must match the First and Last Name on the application in order for videos to be reviewed. The parent/guardian on the application must be the legal parent and legal guardian of the participant in order for the participants to compete).

  3. The application fee of $15.00 for individuals and $15.00 per group member is non-refundable. 

  4. Entries are accepted on a first come/first served basis and there are limited slots.

  5. Submissions will NOT qualify or be recognized as an “entry” until PAID IN FULL by verified funds and until ALL necessary information is provided including, application, photo and 3 minute or less video. 

  6. Full Potential has the right to cancel the competition for any reason, participants WILL be notified and refunds will be provided to those who filled out an application and submitted payment. 

  7. If a question should arise concerning the age of a contestant, proof of age by birth certificate must be provided.

  8. Age is determined by the contestant’s age on the date of video submission. Anyone found to be over the age of 18 will be disqualified and will NOT receive a refund. 

  9. Groups are welcome to register please send an email to to register your group. 

Video Submission Rules:

Deadline to submit video submissions is September 30, 2019 at 5pm EST. There are limited slots, register and or sponsor a youth asap to secure a slot. (Any submissions after the deadline will NOT be reviewed and application fees will NOT be returned).

  1. All videos must be saved by the first and last name of each participant and emailed to

  2. Applicants must submit a clear 3 minute or less video of their rap, song, poetry, dance or mime routine.

  3. No changes will be made once application, video and payment has been submitted individually or separately. 

  4. Please be mindful of the size of the video, if it is too large, you can use google drive to submit videos to the google email address for video submissions. 

Full Potential does not discriminate. We are an equal opportunity competition for the purpose of creativity and self expression. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at






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